Download issues:
NOTE: Most issues can be resolved  by downloading your file using a computer.

It is not possible to download most files to your smartphone, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone etc. The Files are compressed so they will download quicker. Most computers will automatically un-compress the files once you double click the file. If yours won’t, you may need to download an application. For info on how to un-compress a .zip file click here

Can I download files directly to my iPhone phone/ iPad, Android, or Windows Phone?

No. It’s best to download your file using a computer and then transfer it using the appropriate software for your device (Apple = iTunes). If you experience trouble related to transferring files to your device, please refer to the manual for your device or the device’s website. – often times, you can find a “How to” video using a simple internet search like: “How to transfer music files to my (insert device name here)”

I did not receive my download link or confirmation of my order at my email address

check the spelling of the email address you typed during check out. You likely misspelled your email address when you placed the order. Login to your account by clicking the “my account” submenu link under the “store” navigation menu on any page of the site.

What is your Copy Policy?

We are dedicated to getting Bob Hazlett’s message and materials to everyone who wants them. This is a process that involves a good number of people and resources that need to be paid for, especially if it is going to guarantee a service as exceptional as the message!

We are often asked about our copyright policy and for the most part our priority is that Bob’s teachings get to the people who want and need them, no matter what. However, for Bob to keep doing what he does and for us with FutureCoaching and to be able to provide this service to you, we need a certain financial stability. If you want to copy an article from a blog or share a clip from a video training series, all we ask is that you’re doing it for the right reasons – to spread the good word and to help, encourage and educate people that you care about.

If you enjoy and appreciate Bob’s blog and training materials through FutureCoaching, paying for them is the best way of guaranteeing that this work can continue! We can’t thank those of you who have supported us so far enough!

Does Bob Hazlett offer personal prophecy by email?

We are not in a position to respond to requests for advice, prayer, counsel, input, prophetic words, etc. We advise people regarding personal input, prayer and prophecy to seek out significant people whom God has placed in their lives (pastors, elders, mentors, etc.) These people are in a better position to judge and weigh any prophetic words, etc. given to individuals. Please understand, this is in no way intended to discourage you, but rather to encourage you to seek out the very best people to assist you in your situation. Thank you for understanding our heart in this matter