Xtreme Christianity: Prophetic School – Level 2 – CD


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Xtreme Christianity: Prophetic School – Level 2 – CD:

Do you have any questions about the prophetic? Maybe you’re interested in hearing God’s voice for your own life or your family. In this 4 session teaching by Bob Hazlett you will learn how to live a supernatural life, naturally & how to share your faith. Xtreme Christianity: prophetic school level 1 is one of Bob’s most downloaded and sought after prophetic equipping resources.

In Level 2 of XTC: Prophetic School, you will learn about the creative nature of prophecy. Discover what it is to be a Spiritual Seer and how to increase this spiritual sense. You’ll develop your “spiritual perspective” and allow your eyes to be open to the unseen realm of dreams, visions, and heavenly encounters. Plus you will get to practice spiritual exercises that will strengthen and develop your prophetic gift to a new level.



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