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A Spontaneous Musical experience surrounding every healing scripture of Jesus and healing prayers. This Cd will cause you to experience peace and excite your faith for healing. It is already being used in healing rooms, aroma and massage therapy clinics, and prayer rooms. A must have if you want to build faith for healing.

1. Believe (John 5:1-16, John 9:1-7, Matthew 8:14-17)
2. Authority (Matthew 4:23-25, Matthew 8:1-4, Matthew 8:5-13)
3. Compassion (Matthew 9:27, Matthew 10:1, Matthew 17:14-21)
4. Possibilities (Mark 5:21-34, Mark 7:31-37)
5. Never Alone (Mark 8:22-26, Luke 5:17-26)
6. Complete (Luke 13:10-17, Luke 17:11-19)

7. Believe
8. Authority
9. Compassion
10. Never Alone
11. Complete

Experience Peace: Music Download

Spontaneous songs and meditations

 Song Titles:
Peace from Above Isaiah 55:6-9, Peace in Storms Mark 4:37-41, Peace with the Past Colossians 1:18-22, Peace in the Present John 14:25-31, Peace for the future Philippians 4:4-8, Powerful Peace Romans 16:25-26, Peace from above Reprise from Isaiah 9:1,6,7


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