There are currently no new mentoring slots at this time please check back in 2018. Thank you!


This is for those who desire additional one-on-one input for their personal growth or group development. In additional to all the benefits of the Future University course (weekly blogs, daily exercises, and monthly webinars) you will also have a once monthly-personalized telephone conversation with Bob to further enhance your leadership development, enrollment in all group mentoring Teleconference calls, and email access to Bob.

There is a minimum of a six month commitment to be enrolled in Personal Mentoring.


This twice per month Tele-Class is the perfect follow-up or companion to Future University. They can also be done simultaneously.

Bob has helped hundreds of leaders effectively identify and accelerate into their supernatural life purpose.  Do you have a dream But you’re stuck?  Questions Bob will help you answer in this twice per month live tele-class: What are the components of a God Dream? How can you better communicate and cooperate with God?  Can you really do it all?  What are the ingredients to real change?  What is the one motivating factor that will never fail?  Why does a God-Dream have to have a super-natural element?