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Overcoming hope deferred

By April 7, 2017 No Comments

I grew up in church where we talked about healing. Do you know how to inoculate the younger generation against truth? Talk about it, but never let them see it.

Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick. That doesn’t mean that your heart grows sick when you don’t have hope. It means when you have a picture of what God wants to do – but you don’t get to see it. That’s when it affects your heart and you start to believe it’s not true.

So I grew up hearing about healing, but we didn’t see it – well we saw it once in a while because one time, once a year, we’d have a healing revival meeting. We’d have the healing evangelist ,because we believed God healed through these special people – which He does.

I think we know now, that He heals through all of us – because we’re all special. Isn’t that cool?

But, ya know, back in the day, when I was growing up, we just thought it was those guys who were the healing evangelists. You know… they usually wore the white suites – and that was where the anointing was – you know.
That was before the days when the healing evangelist wore the Hawaiian shirts and sandals – that was another round of healing evangelists.

Not only that, but we believed that healing evangelists all had special gifts, so they had specialties. …and that’s true because some people build their faith in a certain area and that’s where they really shine, because they fought battles in certain areas – so they get strong in that area.

But God allows you to win in certain areas so then you can win in other areas too. So don’t let your break through in one season be the barrier of the next. – Don’t let it be your limitation.

for the rest, watch my YouTube video (click the link). Watch until the the end – I have these Kids pray for adults and they see results.

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