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When is a number a symbol?

By November 4, 2016 No Comments

When is a number a symbol?

God is incredibly creative in the way He communicates. The Bible is filled with symbols and numbers that contain spiritual messages. In fact, numbers are so important to God there is a whole book of the Bible named after them.

God does speak through the symbolism of numbers. In order to recognize when God is speaking through this symbol we have to realize the significance of numbers to God.  The first mention of a number in the Bible is in Genesis 1:5. “God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.”

When God created day it was the creation of many things; time, duration and quantity. It was the first anything  created. In the earthly realm, numbers are associated with quantity, but that is not so in Heaven.

Biblical descriptions of Heaven are filled with numbers: 24 elders, 12 gates, 7 lamp stands.  These are not only quantities they are characteristics. Moses’ tabernacle and David’s temple are patterns of what it looks like when Heaven comes to Earth. Both have architectural details which contain symbols and numbers. This shows us that numbers carry great meaning to God and can convey a powerful message to us. How can you know when God is speaking through a number?

1. You see it repetitively: out of the mouth of two or three witnesses something is established. If you see it a lot it may have a meaning.

2. You see it out of place. Sometimes to catch our attention God will have something show up in an unusual setting. If you see the same number in diverse settings it may be saying something.

3. It makes you ask questions.
In my teaching Now Is The Time I talk about how flight 44, row 44 and exit 44 in the same trip lead to a life changing revelation. All because it caused me to ask questions.

Seeing the same numbers in different places may be a coincidence, or just a curiosity, but perhaps it is God’s way of communicating a life changing message.

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