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Remove spiritual blind-spot

By March 17, 2016 No Comments

“The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, they may be ever seeing but never perceiving,(aware)”   Mark 4:11

Mini Van Lessons
Is it possible to see something and not be aware of it? Jesus said it is. I know it’s true for me. Just today on my way to the airport a beige mini van pulled out of my rear view to pass.  An unusual sticker on the back window displaying a boy showing his distaste though creative hand gestures drew my attention. I saw the van for a while, until I didn’t. It must have drifted back into my blind spot. A few minutes later I reached for my left turn signal to pass the car in front when something, call it awareness, made me think twice. Even though my mirrors seemed clear I glanced over my shoulder and saw what my awareness told me was there; a beige van! Fortunately, I passed without incident or receiving a creative hand gesture from the driver. Fifty miles, two highways and one bridge later I pulled through a toll booth to find myself staring directly at a beige van with a bad boy on the back window. Somehow I missed seeing him pass but I couldn’t miss the waving middle finger staring at me. This is a picture of how spiritual awareness is created. Read on for the three lessons this van taught me. 
No More Blindspots
Everyone has Blindspots. Spiritually speaking there are things that we have the ability to see but we are unaware of. The Bible talks about signs, wonders, miracles and Angels. All are part of the secrets of the Kingdom. When you become aware of something then you can access it. When you become aware of healing, prosperity, forgiveness and God’s voice then you can take hold of them.  You can’t possess what you don’t perceive.

The 411 on Awareness 

Here are three things that mini van taught me that will help you create spiritual awareness: value, variation and visual repetition. When you value something or the lack of it costs you; awareness is created. Seeing someone healed or seeing someone sick can both make you aware of miracles. When something appears out of place or unusual, that variation makes us aware of it. This is the point of the parables; seeds are words and weeds are worries. Kingdom language is found in symbols, signs and stuff that seems out of place. Lastly, visual repetition can help even the most clueless of us take notice. Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses something is established.

You are about to enter into an awareness of the unseen like never before. As you learn to value everything Jesus came to give you will access it. As you learn not to discredit the unusual or unseen perhaps you will host Angels. You will see and perceive, you will be aware of what can not be seen!
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