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Get ready for your new prophetic glasses

By February 20, 2016 No Comments

Prophetic People See Differently
I scored the winning touchdown in the neighborhood football game. The play that won the game…destroyed my vision. It broke my indestructible thick-framed spectacles in half. Instead of an end zone celebration, I realized I had to be ready with an explanation when I got home. Fortunately, my father easily repaired what seemed to be destroyed. I’m still amazed at the things that man can do with a roll of duct tape! I am equally amazed by the resilience of the human soul. I survived that month of elementary school with silver tape between my eyes and no long term damage to my vision or self-esteem.

When we are learning to live prophetically, sometimes the battles and hard-fought victories of life can distort or damage our vision. Fortunately your father hasn’t just fixed your glasses, He has given you a new set of lenses. Learning to use your new glasses is a key to living with a prophetic lens.

There are three ways prophetic lenses help you see differently. First, they help you see the past, present and future without distortion.

Secondly, they help you see what God intends when it appears hell is intruding. Thirdly, prophetic lenses help you to see the unseen, reveal what is hidden, and open your eyes to a new reality that has always been in front of you, but has remained undiscovered.

In the next few blogs I will share with you three spiritual tools you need to fix your spiritual lenses in place. God showed us from the beginning that prophecy begins with seeing. When God created the first element, light, He did two things: He saw the light and He called the light “day”. Throughout history, God chose certain people who would be seers. He called them prophets. These special people could see what God could see and say what He would say. Jesus came to give us “eyes to see what prophets longed to see”. Get ready for YOUR new prophetic lenses. Get ready to see what God sees and say what God says.

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