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I am traveler, so I am used to having a plan and an itinerary. I even have a special phone app that scans my email for anything that looks like a hotel, car or airline reservation. It automatically plugs them into my calendar and then sends me a text message before and during with directions. As soon as I complete one flight, it immediately tells me what time and place my next flight will be. It helps to have step-by-step directions to get where you are going. I wish God worked that way. There is no heavenly app with step-by-step directions to your destiny. You have something better. You have a personal relationship with a God who loves to talk to you. When you feel like you are lacking direction it could be that God is talking to you in one of these three ways.


No one likes the feeling of being clueless, especially when needing direction in life. God told Abraham to “Go”, but He did not say where. The reason God uses uncertainty in our lives is to bring us into deeper relationship with Him. It causes us to ask new questions. I find that when God answers one question, His answer creates ten more in its place. That is God’s nature. He wants to keep the conversation going. Uncertainty provides conversation.


Every new road trip allows you to see new signs. My family and I break up the monotony of travel by making games with road signs. God likewise likes to keep your journey lively by showing you signs along the way. These signs point you to something and they also keep you from getting bored.


You will know if you are on the right highway by the number of the route or the direction it takes you. Number, letters and names all serve as symbolic “bread crumbs” that keep you on the right course. Abraham’s journey was replete with them.

When you are going through a period of change it is natural to seek answers. God capitalizes on this by creating an environment that not only leads you to the answers you seek, but turns you into a life-long seeker. In the coming weeks I will share with you more of how you can hear God in these three ways. Keep seeking!

Feeling Clueless Try This:

Grab a piece or paper and pen and ask God these questions about an area in your life in which you feel stuck. Write down the questions and the responses that you feel without questioning or filtering.

1. What three things can I do the bring change to this area in the next three months?
2. What results should I expect to see in this area in the next three months?
3. Who are three people who can help partner with me in this area for change?
4. Will you please help me God?

If you would like more information about learning to hear God in your everyday life check out my online resource: Future Coaching.

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